About Ghana

About Ghana

Ghana, formerly called the Gold Coast became independent from British colonial rule on March 6, 1957. It was the first sub-Saharan African colony to achieve independence.

The total population of Ghana is 24.6 million, and Accra as its capital and largest city has a population of about 2.3 million (2012).

Ghana is well-endowed with natural resources, exporting materials such as gold, timber, cocoa, diamond, bauxite and manganese, and the country is believed to have up to 5 billion barrels of oil in reserves.

The Ghanaian government is committed to establishing a private-sector friendly environment. With low corporate tax rates, tax holidays, custom duty exemptions for plant, machinery, equipment and parts, automatic immigrant quotas, and relief from double taxation for foreign investors, the investment climate in the country favours foreign investment.

This favourable atmosphere is rewarded by investor confidence that can be recognized by the constant growth of foreign direct investment (FDI) in recent years. Ghana has attracted the attention of well-known international businesses, investing in all sectors of the economy.

About Ghana
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