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Professional Business Consultancy Services

High returns mean higher risks. Africa is a place where the returns are high which means that the risks are also high. The amount of potential in the continent makes it worthwhile going through all the barriers; now is the right time to venture into Africa, and Ghana in particular. Operating in a new and unknown terrain makes one vulnerable to unforeseen events and challenges which may pose significant risks to the success of your business, and ultimately to reach your goal. Regardless of the stage of your business, assistance and consultancy services are paramount to your success.

Every business can do with a helping hand, and GP Business Associates provides first class business consultancy services in Ghana and the West African region. We ensure that all activities and transactions are done punctually, properly and safely.

business consultancy services in Ghana

Investment Advisory

Finding the right form of investment that suits your risk profile can be difficult. We will help you identify the right opportunities by recommending areas where investment can be made. We are committed to offering services that guide investment decision-making. Our team of professionals with both local and international experience are determined to help you understand the Ghanaian, West African or European business environment.

business consultancy services in Ghana

Market Entry Assistance

Get first hand assistance with the introduction of your company, products and services to the Ghanaian and West African market. Receive guidance and product-specific information on pricing, customs-related issues, and determine licensing needs and marketability of your products and services to ensure competitiveness in the market while maximizing your profits. We provide a full scale market entry strategy uniquely constructed to your company, products and/or services.

Ghana market entry assistance

Business and Management Consultancy

We provide business and management consultancy solutions that help identifying and overcome financial, strategic, operational and organizational challenges in your business to boost returns and increase profitability. We undertake a wide range of services that include write proposals, create a comprehensive business plan, project and company assessments for identification of weak areas, assist in mergers and acquisitions, and get ideas and cost-effective solutions to help achieve your business goals. Our professionals will work with you to identify and tailor the right planning and strategic mix for your organization.

business consultancy services in Ghana

Market Research and Feasibility Studies

We explore the feasibility of your project or venture with the use of quantitative and qualitative methods which will ensure overall success by avoiding mistakes as a result of overlooking crucial information. You will receive customized market research that gives accurate and detailed information on country, sector, trade and industry-specific data; new regulations and business trends; factors that influence prospective customers; competitors; and pricing for comparable products. We will further translate this information through business and market intelligence analysis into easy to understand reports that are in line with international standards.

Ghana Market Research - Business consultant

Business Registration, Licensing and Permits

The registration of your business or product is one of the most important and crucial steps. We help you find your way in the administrational, legal and regulatory labyrinth by easing the procedures that you have to face. We assist you to register your company and product, and acquire all the necessary licences and permits from the local authorities, ensuring that you understand and comply with local laws, regulations, product standards, certification requirements. We further help you with immigration related issues such as visa, residence and work permits.

Ghana Business consultant - Registration, Licence, Permits

Business Development, Facilitation and Matchmaking

If you are investing or trading within the West African region, you will need competent local partners to work with. We therefore strive to bring parties together and cultivate business contacts worldwide. Through our personalized business matchmaking methods, our goal is to link your business with the right trade leads, local companies and entrepreneurs, forming strategic alliances resulting in local content and market knowledge that can ensure success. You can build on our local partners and network of contacts to help you.

business consultancy services in Ghana

Outsourcing – Business Support Services

Outsource some of your activities to keep cost low. Our in-house professional will assist you with your legal, accounting and auditing, taxation and recruitment needs.

We can provide you with back office personnel and support such as admin, sales, marketing, rental and chauffeur services or even with an office space for meetings and conferences.

Logistics and import-export activities are covered as well as we will clear your goods, organize the transportation and necessary documentation.

business consultancy services in Ghana

Due Diligence

Through thorough research and background checks, we ensure that all your prospective orders, contracts, partners, buyers or sellers exist, are legitimate, and operate within the legal framework and comply with desired and streamlined standards. These activities consist of company and product reviews, customer and executive team references and financial modelling. Order a detailed report containing available sales and profit figures, potential liabilities, and other financial information.

Ghana business consultants

Business and Trade Missions

Participate in official business development missions to/from Ghana and West Africa. Meet with local agents, prospective customers, distributors, government and industry officials and get a chance to exhibit at international trade fairs and trade shows around the world.

We will arrange meetings and visits for your company representatives with potential partners.

Ghana Trade missions

Sales and Trade Representation

Market your firm directly to prospective partners. We will seek the most suitable trade alliances who can act as your importer, distributor, or representative. Our unique sales and trade representative package entails an exclusive In-Country Promotion strategy. It includes assembling an effective sales team specifically to promote you, providing market intelligence with detailed company information of potential partners, and arranging a series of one-on-one meetings with pre-screened businesses. Through this carefully planned and tested method we can ensure that you will be able to find reliable sales and trade leads within 45 days.

business consultancy services in Ghana

Marketing Strategy Development

We offer online and offline marketing and communication strategy consultation to our clients that includes product launch, marketing campaign, graphic and web designing services as well. Our unique solutions will enhance your exposure and visibility on the market that will ultimately increase your revenues.

Strategy development in Ghana

Tender Process Advisory and Support

We are able to facilitate a better coordination between your business and the local authorities and public agencies. We will ensure that your government procurement bids, business plans and project proposals are up to standard. We will provide you with updates, data and information on available projects and assistance in accessing local contracts, tender bids, and expression of interests; and continuously following up on the status of the government-financed projects.

Ghana Tender Support and Advisory