Business Support Services – Outsourcing

Business Support Services – Outsourcing

Outsource some of your activities to keep cost low. Our in house professional will assist you with your legal, accounting and auditing, taxation and recruitment needs.

We can provide you with back office personnel and support such as admin, sales, marketing, rental and chauffeur services or even with an office space for meetings and conferences.

Logistics and import-export activities are covered as well as we will clear your goods, organize the transportation and necessary documentation.

Market your firm directly to prospective partners. We will seek the most suitable trade alliances who can act as your importer, distributor or representative. Our unique sales and trade representative package entails an exclusive In-Country Promotion strategy. It includes assembling an effective sales team specifically to promote you, providing market intelligence with detailed company information of potential partners, and arranging a series of one-on-one meetings with pre-screened businesses. Through this carefully planned and tested method we can ensure that you will be able to find reliable sales and trade leads within 45 days.

Our Outsourcing and Business Support Services include:
• Assistance with corporate administration
• Legal, accounting and auditing, taxation, marketing, and recruitment
• Sales and trade representative packages
• Logistics and import-export
• Office space for meetings and conferences
• Rental and chauffeur services
• Sourcing of office space and residential accommodation

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